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      May 22, 2020 – WHITE LABEL Passenger App now possible!

      You pushed us hard towards making branded Passenger App possible, and we resisted for a very long time.
      But we have given up… ??
      From now on, under the Dispatching section on our website, you can configure the needed data for your app.
      Take a look at the instructions that you will find at the bottom of that page that explains the process of getting your own Passenger App.

      March 30, 2020 – Cars management

      You can now also setup your company cars when you only use the Taximeter without Dispatching.
      When the driver logs in into the app, he will be able to choose his car before the actual login happens.
      Due to this, it is now possible to check the odometer input on plausibility at both login and logout time.
      On our website, you will find a new menu option ‘Cars’ that will display all data collected by the system for that car. It will allow you, at one glance, to see what distance has been travelled with meter switched off and app not activated. Some of the data can be changed there as well.

      February 18, 2020 – Session / Shift Data View and Download on Portal

      You can now view the summarised Shift and Session data from all of your drivers in our brand-new ‘Driver Shifts’ menu option. Until now, you could only have access to that data in the driver app. When you download the data, you can do your IT processing for any specific reports that you might need.

      January 22, 2020 – Enhanced ‘Manual Booking’ Feature

      The ‘Manual Booking’ Feature on the website contains now the possibility to add a Promo Code to the client’s trip request.
      Furthermore, you can add instructions to the request that will be shown to the driver in his app.
      The driver will also see from now on the name of the Dispatching Administrator who made the request on the website.

      January 13, 2020 – Passenger App shows estimated fare for Hail Trips

      In Cities without Taxi Companies participating in our Dispatching solution, the Passenger app now shows the estimated fare for a Hail trip.
      You also see the fare structure that is applicable in that city / area.
      Furthermore, you get information about tipping practice and information on where to complain in case of problems.

      This service is available in 230 cities / areas around the globe.