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      LOCAL Mode

      Use one of our 200 preset tariffs from 50 countries around the world or setup your own tariff on your smartphone / tablet

      (not even ads)

      In this usage mode, the following features are DISABLED:

      – Login as a driver in the app
      – Automatic Toll detection
      – Global Trip number across entire fleet
      – Credit Card payment
      – QR-Code with Internet link to passenger receipt
      – SOS button
      – Send trips to portal to view, query and download trip data
      – Follow drivers on map
      – Send trip data to your Regulator
      – Idle trip management
      – Shift reports

      LOGIN Mode

      You manage your driver profiles on our portal and you purchase subscriptions with PayPal

      Eur 2.00
      per driver per month

      Unrestricted use of all features in the app, including:

      – Setup of your own tariff on our portal
      – Setup of your driver profiles on the portal
      – Access, query and download all your driver’s trips
      – Follow your drivers on a map
      – Calculate a fare estimate

      We will setup your tariff free of charge, if you wish

      Free user support and assistance


      DISPATCHING Mode ‘Uber’-like

      Setup company details, driver profiles, vehicle types, book trips in advance and through Passenger app.
      Purchase subscriptions with Paypal

      Eur 10.00
      per driver per month

      (+ SMS costs)

      – Passenger App to call a cab

      – Driver gets requests and accepts or declines

      – Driver / Passenger communication

      – and so much more. Check our Features pages for more details

      BRANDED Apps

      Create your own brand

      Eur 500.00
      per Operating System (iOS / Android)

      (+ Eur 100.00 yearly maintenance, starting second year)

      Check our General Conditions for White Label app creation.